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Fuck Yeah BSSM Boys
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Fuck yes!!
Just got a notice from CD Japan, they now sell Ayaka’s movie Talk to The Dead and it has English subtitles!! Now that’s some amazing news. As soon as I’ve got my Mercury from them, I’ll go and order that one.


Can you do me a favor?  When/if you order and watch it, let me know if the quality of the subs is good.  I assume if it’s from CD Japan it’s legit, but I’ve been burned before.  If it’s good quality, I’ll be sure to order it too. :D

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Recent pics from Ayaka Komatsu’s blog, including:

Some other interesting tidbits from the blog:

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Pics from Rina Koike’s blog, including the launch event for her latest and 10th (!!!) idol DVD, Ri Prime (りなっ素).  As usual, I’m guessing on the name since all of her projects are puns on her name.

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Ayaka Komatsu news to go along with her face:

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Lots of pics from Ayaka Komatsu’s blog!  And I’ve also got some Ayaka Komatsu news!

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The DVD box set for Don’t Shoot!! Idol Insiders, Ayaka Komatsu’s 2012 drama series, is going to be released May 25, 2012.  You can purchase it at the source.

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Looks like they made a special DVD for Miyuu Sawai’s 2011 play “Keep Out!”  I can’t find it on Amazon, so it might have been merchandise only available if you went to the play. :/ Anyway, if you look at the fully image, you can see a few shots of her character, which is pretty cool. :D

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I haven’t checked Rina Koike’s blog lately.  She didn’t used to update much, but now that she’s graduated high school, she’s able to focus more on her career.  So I have some Rina news!

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Ayaka Komatsu Blogs about PGSM Release!

Ayaka Komatsu has officially blogged about the release of the new Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon boxset, making her the first (I think!) PGSM girl to remark on it’s release.

The box set has been up for presale on her official website for awhile now, and now she’s promoted the release on her blog, because girl knows how to market.

She says the release in part commemorates the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, and she’s excited that the live-action show is being “revived” for a box set after a long absence.  She also reminisces about dancing for the live performances, and says that she can’t wait to buy it.  Do the girls not get free copies?  Lame.

Anyway, I’m not sure if any of the others have promoted the new set as of late; if they have, they haven’t been as up front as Ayaka, haha.  I’ll probably go through some of their old posts one of these days to see.

Now if only this could get some official English subs, it would make my day….

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In addition to celebrationg Ayaka’s birthday, I can announce the release of a new idol DVD!  This one was made in conjunction with her photobook, “Ayaka no Zenbu.”  It is titled “Ayaka Full,” and I think we can all guess what that is alluding to. ^^; I’ll keep an eye out to see if anyone else gets their hands on this, otherwise… well, the first step is acknowledging I have a problem.

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