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Momoiro Clover Z - 泣いてもいいんだよ

Interrupting my Ayaka/Tokyo Bookmark blitz for MCZ’s new video for the Akumu-chan movie.

Keiko Kitagawa is in it (not for long enough), and the song is… well.  Let’s say I’m reblogging this for the sake of archiving it and not for the sake of quality.

Related: I love how their faces in the preview frame perfectly exemplify my feelings about this song.

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- Keiko Kitagawa - Momoiro Clover Z - Manatsu Kimura - Music Video - Movies - Akumu-chan: The Movie - Akumu-chan - Year: 2014

Alisa Durbrow in ASKA’s 2000(?) music video for “goodtime.”  She is there, I promise, but you don’t actually see her until about 3 minutes in.

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- Alisa Durbrow - Music Video - ASKA - Year: 2000

Apparently Lana del Rey is a Sailor Moon/PGSM fan!  This a demo version of “Lolita” featuring a music video she made herself.  It has a few PGSM clips, mainly from the Special Act.  So should any of you meet Lana del Rey in the future, you have an icebreaker other than “you’re so great; let’s talk about how great you are!”

Thanks seattleitefashionista for bringing this to my attention!

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- Lana del Rey - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Lolita - J Drama - Music Video - and no i'm not saying you have to like lana del rey to like pgsm or vice versa - when she's not appropriating native american culture i like her - but you don't have to - ok? - okay

Music video from Chieko Kawabe’s first single, “Be Your Girl,” 2004.

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- Chieko Kawabe - Chieko Ochi - !Birthday Event - Theme: Chieko Ochi Turns 26! - Music Video - Year: 2004

Rina Koike starring in the new DOLL$BOXX music video for “Fragrance,” 2013.  Yay all girl J-rock bands!

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- Rina Koike - DOLL$BOXX - Music Video - Year: 2013

Rika Izumi in a new music video by UNIST, 2012!  I’m really liking this agency change of hers.  She’s doing so much more now!

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- Rika Izumi - Music Video - UNIST - Year: 2012


For fuckyeahpgsmgirls: some caps of Azama Mew from the making of Arashi’s “Aozora Pedal” PV. :D 

Thaaaaaaaaaank you! <3

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- Myuu Azama - Mew Azama - Music Video - Arashi - Year: 2006

Well, this is exciting.  Mew Azama appeared in an Arashi music video!  This is “Aozora Pedal” from 2006.  There are three (?) girls in the PV, but thanks my shitty internet connection and the director’s strange insistence on focusing on Arashi (weirdo), I have a hard time picking her out.  She’s definitely not the main girl (for some reason).  I’m reasonably sure she’s wearing the pink shirt in the first scene and has her hair up in a yellow shirt for the second one, but I wouldn’t stake my life on it.

Anyway, this is yet another Arashi/PGSM girl crossover for us all to enjoy.  I think Rika and Rina are the only ones left to be in a project with one of the boys, and it’s entirely possibly I’m forgetting something.

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- Myuu Azama - Mew Azama - Music Video - Arashi - Sho Sakurai - Jun Matsumoto - Satoshi Ohno - Masaki Aiba - Kazunari Ninomiya - Year: 2006

Prior to the formation of Last Reunion, Endo Yoshito was the frontman for a different J-rock band, Amber Dust.  This is their music video for “My Answer,” 2006.

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- Endo Yoshito - Amber Dust - Music Video - Guest Appearance: Endo Yoshito - Guest Appearance: Amber Dust - Year: 2006

Endo Yoshito is currently the front man for the j-rock/screamo band “Last Reunion.”  This is their music video for “God Speed Freedom,” 2011.

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- Endo Yoshito - Music Video - Last Reunion - News: Music - Guest Appearance: Endo Yoshito - Guest Appearance: Last Reunion - Year: 2011