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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 8

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"I’m sorry that you…seem to be confused. It’s not hard to see, that boy is mine.” 

-PGSM Usagi becoming a bad bitch.

I just love how Miyuu’s face changes here. ;-;

Miyuu doesn’t get nearly enough credit as an actress. She is Usagi and then she’s suddenly most definitely NOT Usagi. Don’t tell me that’s the same girl from one moment to the next.

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[KEIKO’S DIARY] “Beautiful Women Festival” 2014.02.21



And the good old Sailor Guardians for last.

The photo is from our New Year’s party at the end of last month.

We get together for New Year’s, birthdays, or whatever else,
but after all just because we want to see each other. 
That day too we did our silly talk enthusiastically.

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Usagi, you don’t do things for yourself, but you put your life into it if it’s for someone else. It’ll definitely be okay. I trust you.

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Translation of Kitagawa Keiko blog about latest senshi reunion


A bit of private things. 

Yesterday, all sailor senshi from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon finally met after a long time.
Even now while typing this blog I’m laughing out, think about it carefully, ‘pretty guardian’ sounds really great, right? *laugh*
After ten years passed all of those pretty guardian have became fine ladies in 30s.


Last time five of us met was on spring last year, it’s actually quite a long time, but because we keep contacting each other everyday it didn’t feel like a meeting after a long time at all. Because we rarely able to meet due to busy schedule, as we get together the conversation seems like have no ending.


Mew’s surprise party was also a big success thanks to Miyuu who planned it and Komacchan who bought the cake in the middle of the rain. Mew’s surprised expression when the cake came out was sooo cute I was totally engrossed taking photos of it.


Then on the photos taken by others, picture of me holding a camera was all over it and being a nuisance… I’m so sorry for that.

*sorry I don’t understand some part of this sentence* We talked and eat all night long without realizing time. About various things, from silly ones to serious things. Everyone talked noisily, it’s really unbelieveable that ten years has been passed. We aren’t changed at all, as soon as we get together we will naturally become best friends just like in the past.
Five of us who live in the same world, in these past ten years there are times when we were good rival, also when we understand and being biggest supporter for each other, it’s indeed what being called ‘best friends’. It’s actually strange that we can be this close, we’re really different one to another, and we also have varied interests. Because we respect and appreciate each other it feels comfortable being together.

We also planned year end party tediously as usual even though it’s not sure if we could make it to have another meeting before this year end.. It would be wonderful if we can.

I got request to take two photos with both of sailor senshi so I took these.

With flash


Without flash


Everyone is good with photo editing, I can only put names on it.
Just doing these already took a lot of time so I placed pictures of cake that I got from other senshi *laugh*
Hii~ I’m exhausted.

I only translate the part where she talked about PGSM because the blog entry is so long (^_^;; There’s also some sentences I can’t understand so please correct if I’m wrong.

An old senshi reunion, but you can still cry about it with me.

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pgsm au | habillez-moi, tuez-moi

usagi tsukino has dreamed of being a fashion model since she was a teenager, but every attempt to break into the business has been met with disappointment.  she’s too awkward, too clumsy, too chubby, too plain, too wrong.  but usagi refuses to give up and vows that one day, she’ll take the fashion world by storm.

usagi finally gets her chance when she runs into her old friend, ami mizuno, who is currently working as an on-set seamstress for the newly popular magazine, lu-luna.  ami cashes in a favor to let usagi visit the set and gain some firsthand experience.  however, usagi’s enthusiasm almost ruins everything when she spills coffee on a model’s expensive dress just before the shoot is set to begin.

the model is none other than famous up-and-coming icon whose face launched lu-luna's sweeping popularity, minako aino.  she comes to usagi's defense, having found the enthusiastic, hyper girl a breath of fresh air in a stifling industry.  with the help of minako's superstar agent, rei hino, and personal assistant, makoto kino, they're able to salvage the dress and the photoshoot.  afterwards, minako decides to take usagi under her wing.  usagi agrees to work for minako as an assistant's assistant.  usagi soon grows close with minako and makoto, and even though rei is frequently frustrated by usagi's constant screw-ups, she's developed a soft spot for the girl.

but soon usagi learns that makoto isn’t really a personal assistant; she’s a specially trained bodyguard hiding in plain sight.  for the past six months, minako has been receiving death threats from someone who identifies themselves only as ‘your shadow.’

everything comes to a head at toyko girls collection, one of the biggest events in the japanese fashion industry.  the rehearsal is sabotaged in an attempt to kill minako, but makoto is able to save her at the last minute, injuring herself in the process.  the accident sends makoto and another model, naru osaka, to the hospital.  usagi is tapped as a last minute replacement, but if she walks in the show, minako won’t have anyone to watch her back.  minako insists that everything go ahead as planned, and no one can persuade her otherwise.

will usagi be able to successfully walk in the tcg show and successfully launch her fashion career?  will minako be able to survive the event?  and just who is minako’s ‘shadow?’

Another PGSM AU thing I did.  I like my first one better, but this will not stop me from reblogging this one all the same.

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Two more pics from the PGSM 10th anniversary reunion, from Mew and Keiko’s blogs respectively.

PS, based on the girls’ blog posts, I think I can confirm the young man in between Hiroyuki (Nephrite/black hat) and Akira (Kunzite/white hat) is Shingo’s actor all grown up, Naoki Takeshi.  ETA: It occurred to me to go find his blog, and he posted about this, so yup, definitely him.  I forget who spotted Naoki as Shingo, but whoever it was, well spotted!  You get a cookie or other sweet of your choice.

So the gentlemen from left to right are: Hiroyuki Matsumoto (Nephrite), Naoki Takeshi (Shingo), Akira Kubodera (Kunzite), Jouji Shibue (Mamoru), and Endo Yoshito (Zoisite).

And in conclusion, THEY ARE ALL SO CUTE I WANT TO DIE.

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PGSM Reunion - Sawai Miyuu Blog Translation


2014.04.16 - Original Entry Here




10 years is both a long and a short amount of time.

I might not need to say anything.

I think the pictures say it all.

My thoughts, your thoughts.

That’s all.

I’ll write more later if I feel like it.

"Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon."

I’m grateful to have met them all.


My best friends in our guardian poses.


i just love them so much

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Ayaka posted another photo from the PGSM 10th anniversary reunion! (x)

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Miyuu posted a photo from the PGSM 10th anniversary reunion!!! (x)


I do believe that is Akira Kubodera in the white hat btw.  I know those cheekbones.

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