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Rika Izumi
Keiko Kitagawa
Mew Azama
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Aya Sugimoto
Chieko Kawabe-Ochi
Alisa Yuriko Durbrow

Fuck Yeah BSSM Boys



Aya Sugimoto is a babe.

Honestly, the best I think you can get with it comes to making “Beryl” into a real person.. stunning

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- Aya Sugimoto - !Birthday Event - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Year: 2004 - Theme: Aya Sugimoto Turns 44!
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    Your point being what exactly? Because she’s taken nude photos she has no value as an actress, or perhaps as a person?...
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    When PGSM just started airing, a friend and I looked at her website and found nudes. The end.
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    I loved her Beryl.
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    Queen Beryl at her best. (PGSM)